Like a glimpse into the sea, sometimes disturbing, often gentle, and always mesmerizing, 27 year old David Zimmerman is a new kind of musician, revitalizing folk music while creating a new form all his own. David challenges the notion of music as purely entertainment and gives it greater meaning through his sharp observations of the human condition. With his intimate use of language and unforgettable energy, David makes the audience feel like they are part of his journey, even if only for one evening.

The sense of excitement and humor one feels while listening to David is enhanced by his unusual lifestyle. He spends most of the year in Antarctica, working for the National Science Foundation, and the rest of the time he travels and performs in places such as New Zealand and Australia.

Music Trades Magazine has called him "The world's coolest guitar player", while the Antarctic Sun newspaper hailed him as "Hysterically Funny". Through his independent record label Affenlaut Music, David produced his first album entitled "Just a little something". His second album was released Fall of 2002. You may be angry at yourself for liking David, even forgiving him for offending, as he seductively makes fun while exposing questions of responsibility and love. David Zimmerman's music is demanding and beautiful and will always leave you wanting more.